It's me!

It's me!

Aster Hung is a Taiwanese-American Illustrator & Designer located in the SF Bay Area. Her illustrations aim to capture fantastical spaces, light, and beauty within the unsettling. Outside of work, Aster is passionate about beaches, practicing the piano, and napping under the Californian sun.
She is currently working as an Illustrator with Adecco Agency at Google.
Open to call for submissions and zines!
Resume/CV may be provided upon request. 


Recent Activity

  • 2017 IDEAL zine

  • 2017 Mermaid and Mermen Show, Qpop

  • 2017 Camouflage Gallery Show, LGAL

  • 2017 Indie G Zine Vol. 2, Beautiful Glitch

  • 2017 Miniature Art Show, QPopShop

  • 2016 Tiny Homes Gallery Show, LGAL

  • 2016 Power Morphicon Tribute Show, QPopShop

  • 2016 Showa Show: Vintage Manga Tribute Art Show, QPopShop

  • 2016 Society of Illustrators Student Award 2015-2016, SOI

Notable Clients

  • BuzzFeed

  • Simon & Schuster

  • FAS Eyewear

  • Adecco on site @ Google

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